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“Thank you for your wonderful program. We have our son back! Solutions provided the structured program he needed to get on track.”
— Susan G.

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Pet Friendly Drug Rehab

We're a Pet Friendly Drug Rehabilition Center.

Pet Friendly Drug and Alcohol RehabDogs and cats can help clients laugh and create a sense of trust. With lack of trust being a benchmark of many addictions and personality disorders, this trust with a companion animal can be vital for clients. Companion animals can potentially develop and restore trust and thus make a huge difference in recovery. Perhaps most of all, a pet provides unconditional love and unconditional friendship!

As clients progress through their phases of treatment, pets can substantially help to cope with many of the overwhelming restored emotions and feelings. A companion animal can help to facilitate a bond and sometimes override the client's initial defenses by offering a talking point. More generally, a relaxed atmosphere develops with pets present, resulting in a bond between clients. Caring for a pet shifts focus to something outside of the individual, and pet ownership helps clients stay physically active, reducing the risk of depression that often haunts early recovery.

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You make also bring your pet when you utilize our Detox services. We're a pet friendly drug detox center also !

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